How to Reconnect With Your Ex

Expert Advice on Coping

There are many reasons why people break up with their partners. Sometimes, it can be as simple as one partner feeling that they’re not getting what they need from the relationship. Other times, it may have more to do with incompatibility and personal growth. Regardless of how your breakup happened or when you decide to reconnect with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, there’s a lot of work ahead for both parties in order for things to go smoothly. The following tips from Charlie Eissa will help you get started on this journey…

Charlie Eissa

* Put your own needs first. Yes, you should be thinking about what the other person would need for a successful reunion but let’s not forget that you’re going to have plenty of work ahead of yourself as well. You’ll want to make sure that you are happy and doing all the things that brought you joy before entering into this new relationship so don’t wait until after the break-up in order to do these things again!

* Consider how much time has passed since the breakup occurred and allow some space between each contact with them–if they were too pushy or needy during an earlier attempt at getting together, give their next request more consideration than if it had come much later on without any previous reminders from them being needed to be much more patient

* Don’t assume that they are the same person you were dating before and don’t forget to find out what has changed in their life since then–they might not be ready for a reunion or even want one. Give them space first so they can get some clarity on things, but if it seems like all hope is lost just try again later with someone else!