How to Get Ready for Moving Day

The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Stuff for a Moving Day

Are you moving soon? Or are you just looking to get organized in general? Either way, this post is for you! We will go through some steps on how to organize your stuff so that it’s ready for a move. Movers near Park City in Utah have the best moving service and they will instruct you the best on preparing your stuff for a move.

Your first step should always be to empty out your drawers and closets. Make sure to take everything off the shelves as well.

Next, you should get all of your clothes ready for hanging or folding in one place. If there are any items that need dry-cleaning before they can be folded, put them into a pile for later this afternoon when it is time to do laundry again.

The next step would be to wash anything else that needs it (plates, cups, etc.) from last night’s dinner party so that these things can go back on the shelf tomorrow morning if needed.

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Now we will start with our kitchen area: clear off counterspace by making piles of dishes and utensils – things like pots and pans could go onto hooks in the pantry or cabinets.

Take a moment to get your fridge and freezer organized (take out anything that needs refrigeration). Get other items in these areas up off of the floor by putting them on shelves, if possible.

Now you have two options: either start packing boxes with fragile kitchenware for safekeeping until tomorrow morning when it is time to load up the moving truck OR start getting ready for dinner!

To prepare for dinner, make sure all ingredients are within arm’s reach from whatever countertop you will be cooking at. If they’re not already set aside somewhere else, put away any boxed food until after we finish making our meal tonight. The same goes for pots and pans – clean them as needed before they go into the dishwasher.

We’ve outlined some of the steps you should take to prepare for a successful and safe move.